All Dam Day

June 22, 2024

The Dam Course at Binder Park

PDGA C-Tier, 2 Rounds

Pre-registration only.

72 players max, no exceptions.



TD Contact:

(573) 230-1158

Player's Meeting DRAFT:

The Jefferson City Disc Golf Club thanks you for your participation! We work hard to bring you events lik this. 


Friday, June 21:

5:30pm - Registration closes, no late registration. Refunds for players on the wait list will be given Saturday evening. If you made the register but no-show and do not notify the TD before 9am Saturday; no refund.

9:00pm - Glow Round at Joseph C. Miller DGC

Saturday, June 22:

7:30 am - Tentative hole assignments posted.

8:00 am - Check-in opens; all players must check in with TD.

9:00 am - Check-in closes.

9:20 am - look at the PDGA event page to see if your hole assignment has changed! If there are no-shows we may have to move things around. We may have mixed divisions on some cards to avoid groups of 5.

9:30 am - Round 1 Shotgun Start

12:30 pm - Tentative lunchtime. Pulled pork sammiches at the pavilion.

1:30 pm - Tentative Round 2 Shotgun Start. Tee time and hole assignments will be posted on the PDGA event page after the last card comes in from Round 1.

5:00 pm - Tentative time for payouts at the pavilion.

ACE Pot - Optional $5 ace pot will be collected. If no ace is hit, pot goes towards the Jefferson City Open.

Drinking Water - Bring your own water and refillable bottle! We will have jugs out on the course to top your bottle off, but don’t just rely on that. Bring water for Round 2 also!


If you can’t make Round 2, please text Chris Neff at (573) 230-1158 !!!  There will be no check-in for Round 2. If a player does not show up by the start signal, proceed without the player. If the player shows up later, record par+4 for each hole missed. If you do not notify the TD, you will be given an 888 and your rating will be affected.

Keeping Score - ALL PLAYERS MUST KEEP SCORES: Players who do not turn in a compete scorecard to Tournament Central after the round, including scores for the entire group, will receive a 2-stroke penalty - UNLESS that player kept score with the PDGA Live Scoring. Paper scorecards will be available at Tournament Central. U-Disc scoring is great, but must also be shown to the TD at Tournament Central after the round. Note: PDGA Live scoring is the easiest way to find OB rules per specific hole. 

PDGA Digital Scorecard:

OB’s & Relief - the digital scorecard has OB’s listed for each hole, but in general:

Playoffs for First Place Only - If there is a tie for first place when all scores have been finalized on the PDGA event page, start at hole one with a sudden-death playoff. Holes 1,2,3,8,&9 loop. Flip for who tees first on hole one, then alternate each tee afterwards. 

Payouts - Open payouts will be paypal. All Amateur division payouts will be handled by ______________ on site. Vouchers must be turned in on the day of the event! Make sure to find out whether you cashed before you leave, especially MA2 and MA3! Projected Payouts will be posted on the PDGA event page.

Newbies, listen up! - This is a PDGA Sanctioned event, we will be playing by the PDGA rules. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, here are a few important ones:

No practice throws during the round - From the two-minute warning until your last putt of the round, a player receives one penalty throw for making a practice throw. A drop is not a practice throw, neither is a throw that is made either to set aside an unused disc or to return a disc to a player and that travels less than five meters in the air. 

No falling putts - If you are within 10 meters of the basket (32’-10”), after having released a putt, the player must demonstrate full control of balance behind the marker disc before advancing toward the target. A player who fails to do so has committed a stance violation and receives one penalty throw.

Lost disc - A disc is declared lost if the player cannot locate it within three minutes after having arrived at the area where it is thought to be. Any player in the group may begin the timing of the three minutes, and must inform the group that the timing has begun. All players in the group must assist in searching for the disc. Failure to do so is a courtesy violation. A player whose disc has been declared lost receives one penalty throw. The next throw is made from the previous lie.

Rulings - Officiate yourselves as a group. Each player must state an opinion, majority rules, 50/50 vote goes to the player’s favor. Declare a provisional and play it both ways if applicable, and discuss it with the Tournament Director immediately after the round.