Monster Jungle


32 total players, only the team captains checked in to UDisc to keep things simpler. Couple of TD whupsies; Hole 7 (14 reg. tee to 16C Pink) was meant to be a par 4, and somebody forgot to flag the tee for 17 (9's fairway to 8's basket)... sheesh. Thank you all for coming and keeping the tradition alive.


9th Annual

Shawn Crowe Memorial


November 19, 2022

Monster Jungle is an event that Shawn Crowe used to organize for us, and we have kept the tradition since he passed away in 2014.

Check in before 9:15 at the Joseph C. Miller Disc Golf Course.

Three person best-shot scramble! Create your team and if possible choose the team you wish to play against, otherwise we will do our best to pair you up against a group with similar skill level. We will collect $2 per person which goes to a pot for the lowest round, and then each player places a $5 wager against the team on your card that you are playing against. No Ace Pot.

Only roads are OB, no fences or water is OB. Players may take relief from water or thorny plants in a line away from the target.

Keeping score on UDisc. Only ONE player from each team signs in.

Visit HOB Disc Sports after the round for the soft opening!