Saturday Leagues occur year long with a 9:00 am shotgun start time.

Doubles in summer, alternating doubles and singles in the winter.

Validity: For the league to be valid and for the JCDGC Ace Pot to be eligible, a minimum of 4 players must be present, one of which must be an approved League Director.

Divisions: Tell the League Director what division you would like to play in and discuss it. Female, Youth, and Rec divisions are created even for just one player, if desired. The League Director will do his or her best to create balanced and competitive groups of players, and reserves the right to assign players to a division if fairness is in question.

Scoring: We use the UDisc disc golf app for scoring most events (other than PDGA sanctioned events). Please create an account prior to the event. At the very least, know the exact email address you used to create the account. We highly recommend you buy the full app, it is incredibly useful and only costs $15 per year.


  • Doubles Buy-in is $5

  • Singles Buy-in: $10 for Open, $6 for Advanced or Intermediate, $2 for Recreational. Same price for all genders and ages, see "Divisions" above.

  • For all buy-ins, $1 goes to course maintenance, $1 goes to the Ace Pot, the rest goes to payout. See "Payouts" below for more information.

Ace Pot

  • Non club members are eligible for the ace pot collected that day only.

  • JCDGC members (current before the round) are eligible for the cumulative Ace Pot with the $1 per foot limit.

  • $1 per foot limit - to prevent the Ace Pot from depleting too quickly, the amount paid for an ace is limited by the length of the hole that was aced, one dollar per foot. If multiple aces are hit in one day, each ace value is divided by the number of aces hit that day.

  • If the ace pot is too low to cover an Ace, the “today” ace money will be included, but no club funds will be added.

  • Doubles Ace money will be given to the person who aced and membership rules apply. In some leagues is it customary to split the ace with your partner, and this is encouraged but not required by JCDGC.

  • Cali Aces are worth full value for first shot, but for a second shot it is worth half the value.

General Rules

  • Register at least 10 minutes prior to tee-off time. League director reserves the right to decline players attempting to register after tee-off time.

  • Children under 10 or pets may accompany the players during league, but this is an issue for some players and compromises may need to be made. Consult the League Director.

  • Children under 13 may play in League if they pay the Buy-In and are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • No extra putts during the round. No extra throws unless provisional as described in the PDGA rulebook.

  • Help each other keep track of your drives and look for lost discs. After 3 minutes of search for a lost disc, move on. Same for discs stuck in trees.

  • Wait for the group ahead to leave the hole before teeing off. Alternatively, if the group behind you is waiting, do your best to keep the pace of play.

    • Absolutely NO fighting. Fighting or any physical altercations result in League and Club banning.


  • Teams are typically Pro/Am random draw. The League Director may allow arranged pairings if fair divisions can be made.

  • Cali - If there is a single player without a partner playing a doubles event, that player gets one extra throw per hole on all par 3's. The player shall get two extra throws on Par 4's and 5's (per par posted on UDisc) but may not use both at one lie.

  • Tee Order - at the first tee, decide who on your team will tee first on odd numbered holes, the other will tee first on even numbered holes.

  • Lie Order - the person who threw the chosen lie marks the disc and throws last.


  • Doubles Payouts: The table shown is a guideline for doubles payouts with a $5 buy-in, $1 to Ace Pot, $1 to club, so $3 per player in the pot. If there are multiple divisions, such as Pro/Pro - Am/Am, the table is used separately for each division.

  • Singles Payouts: The purse for each division will pay out either one place (100%), two places (70% / 30%), or three (60% / 27% / 13%), with the lowest amount of payout being $5. Buy-in money stays in your division, no AM money is given to Pros. If a large turnout in one division makes it so first place would earn more than first place in a higher division, the league director may use the PDGA payout chart to pay deeper into the field.

  • Ties: Players who have tied will discuss and determine how to resolve the tie. Common methods include: sudden death playoff, CTP, or splitting the payout. League Director will decide the method if the players can't agree.

JCDGC Doubles