Saturday Leagues occur year long with a 9:00 am shotgun start time. 

Doubles in summer, alternating doubles and singles in the winter.

Validity: For the league to be valid and for the JCDGC Ace Pot to be eligible, a minimum of 4 players must be present, one of which must be an approved League Director. 

Divisions: Tell the League Director what division you would like to play in and discuss it. Female, Youth, and Rec divisions are created even for just one player, if desired. The League Director will do his or her best to create balanced and competitive groups of players, and reserves the right to assign players to a division if fairness is in question.

Scoring: We use the UDisc disc golf app for scoring most events. Please create an account prior to the event. At the very least, know the exact email address or username you used to create the account. We highly recommend you buy the full app, it is incredibly useful and only costs $15 per year.


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JCDGC Doubles