Lost & Found

Lost & Found

  1. The lost and found will be managed by the JCDGC Officers and HOB Disc Sports.

  2. There is a drop box at the Joseph C Miller disc golf course, in the future we hope to have a box at each course. Discs will be collected periodically and delivered to HOB Disc Sports.

  3. If the disc has been marked with a phone number that is legible, or with a name with known contact is recognized, the person will be contacted at least twice. If there is no response within 30 days from the first contact, the disc will be treated as an unmarked disc.

  4. Unmarked discs will be listed for a minimum of 30 days. If unclaimed, discs will either be donated to various programs or placed in an open bin near the collection box at Joseph C. Miller.

  5. If you have lost a disc, we encourage you to post about the lost disc on the HOB Disc Sports FB Group.

  6. A list of lost discs will be maintained and posted below.

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Lost & Found

Sun - Wed 10-6

Thu & Fri 10-5 by Appointment

Saturday 11-6