Wednesday League is typically singles and PDGA Sanctioned, and occurs April thru September, 5:30pm tee-off time.


  • Open: $10 - 50¢ goes to PDGA - $1.50 goes to Club - $1 to Ace Pot - $7 to payout.

  • Advanced & Intermediate: $6 - 50¢ goes to PDGA - $1.50 goes to Club - $1 to Ace Pot - $3 to payout.

  • Recreational & Juniors: $2 - 50¢ goes to PDGA - 50¢ goes to Club - $1 goes to Ace Pot - No payout.

  • Female versions of the divisions above will be created as needed, same buy-ins, no minimum number of players.

  • Payouts same as Saturdays Singles Payouts.

Rules (in addition to or reinforcing Saturday Rules):

  • PDGA Membership not required.

  • All players must check in with the League Director.

  • Am divisions may receive cash payouts and they will not lose their PDGA amateur standing.

  • ACE Pot: Same as in regular League.

  • Adult beverages are permitted, however, please drink in moderation. The League Director reserves the right to DQ any player for disruptive behavior.

  • Music, guests, and dogs are allowed, but it is up to you to find three players who are cool with it and notify the League Director who will be on your card.

  • No practice throws after the round starts.

  • No gimmes, all players must putt out.

PDGA scoring is mandatory:

  • One person per card must use a phone to score the round.

  • Go to

  • Enter access code (get from League Director).

  • Type your name (or PDGA number if you have one) and select it from the list.

  • Tap the Keep Score button and then tap the Begin Play button.