Dubs Float & Roll

Dubs Float & Roll

July 22, 2023

Cole County Park DGC

A two-round event of Bring-Your-Own-Partner Doubles.

Champions will be crowned for each event and for overall.

Round 1 - Super Class Dubs

  • See the PDGA Super Class info page, and also this chart. Note this is Super Class, not Vintage Class.

  • TLDR: The disc must be be over 23.5 centimeters diameter, so discs like the Polecat, Birdie, Beetle, Sonic, Glitch, Zepplin, and Habit are too small. It must also have a certain depth ratio which rules out the Condor. Hands down the best disc for Super Class is the Zephyr, or maybe if you are an ultimate player, an Ultra-Star.

  • Players may bring extra Super Class discs, but no other discs are allowed on the course for this round, not even putters!

  • Standard doubles format...

Round 2 - Roller Dubs

  • Legal Shot - all shots must either be a Valid Roller Attempt or Hit Metal. If neither partner throws a legal shot from a lie, a penalty stroke is added and the team throws from either lie or previous lie.

  • Valid Roller Attempt - Players must demonstrate intent to roll. If a shot gets blocked by a tree, but would have rolled, it counts. If a shot stays in the air and had little chance of rolling, it does not count. Grenades, thumbers, tomahawks, or high spiky hyzers or anhyzers that would only roll a little bit after they hit ground do not count.

  • Hitting Metal - Air shots must hit the top or bottom cage, or chain(s), of the basket of the hole that is being played, to be counted as hitting metal.